LA ROSSA is a strategic Management Holding Company with its headquarters in Funchal, Madeira. LA ROSSA operates within the so called MIBC (Madeira International Business Center) which provides businesses with special tax regimes in accordance with the EEC Treaty under article 299(2).
Since 2000, LA ROSSA is focusing on international clients and strategic partners aiming at initiating innovative projects. Regarding the strategic point of view of the Australian subsidiary, Australia has a stable and independent economy because of its broad variety of natural resources. Due to the geographical location and cultural routes it is perfect for business links between Europe and Asia.

Business Consulting

Our experts focus on the structuring of international business transactions. In particular, with respect to investors we have strong business relationships with investment houses. We initiate highly innovative projects in the maritime industry and arrange equity funding processes. Our consulting business is divided into three main categories: Strategic planning, Business structuring and Management services. We provide advice in English, German and Portuguese.

Commercial Services

LA ROSSA offers commercial and financial assistance for internationally operating companies, as well as individuals. This ensure organized, well-structured and permanent establishments even for start-up businesses. Throughout its commencement LA ROSSA built up a global network of consultants and other external advisors.

Innovative Technologies

Since 2012, La Rossa gained access to a patented process allowing the production of highly effective and eco-friendly disinfection products. The SECADIS products can be customized and used for a broad range of application areas.
In 2014, LA ROSSA established the newly formed business unit BALMECA. The BALMECA hygienic technology concerns the treatment of ballast water which contains so called non-indigenous aquatic invasive species (NIS).